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Mr. Ravi Ramanathan

Director, Ramanathans Effective Public Speaking Institute

Ravi Ramanathan, Director of Ramanathans Effective Public Speaking Institute is an international trainer and has professional experience in designing & conducting training programmes for the public as well as In-house training programmes for various organizations in India & abroad (All over India, almost all the states, right from Himachal Pradesh to Trivandrum and also abroad like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Germany, Muscat, Sri Lanka, Thailand, etc.).

He is basically a Chartered Accountant & Cost Accountant who worked in L&T for six years, after which due to his passion for training quit his job and joined his parents and became a full-fledged professional trainer. In fact, Ramanathans Institute founded by his parents Late Sri. A.N. Ramanathan and Late Smt. Meena Ramanathan is in the line of training for the past 54 years.

Ravi Ramanathan has been conducting training programmes for the past 27 years and has conducted over 3,600 training programmes and has trained more than 77,000 people.

Ravi Ramanathan is a powerful speaker, trainer & leader who enjoys conducting his training programmes. His training programmes are highly interactive. His expertise lies in innovating & customizing the training programmes to suit the organizational culture & needs.

He has the flexibility to build rapport with all levels of participants, bring out their latent skills, draw them out and motivate them to realize their potential. He takes every opportunity to contribute to the success of aspiring individuals who want to develop & hone their skills.

Though 95% of the programmes conducted by Ravi Ramanathan is in English, where required, he conducts programmes in other languages like Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam & Telugu.

Ravi Ramanathan's mission in life is to impart skills needed to help people realize & bring out their latent potential, talents & skills.

For his contribution in the field of training, he has received awards like "Outstanding Your Person" award from Junior Chamber & "Guiding Star Award" by Lions Club of Madras City.

Ravi Ramanathan has given several interviews for several TV Channels like SUN TV, SUN NEWS CHANNEL, JAYA TV, JEEVAN TV, DOORDARSHAN & Srilanka's SAKTHI TV. He has also given lot of programmes for ALL INDIA RADIO. He has contributed articles for several magazines & newspaper journals.

Ravi Ramanathan has conducted In-house training programmes for nearly 200 organizations in India and abroad. Here are the list of organizations.