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Reactions of some of the participants

“I was committing mistakes while writing and speaking in English and was searching for a suitable course to rectify my mistakes in English. The course on “Strengthen Your English” by Mrs. Leela Ravi helped me overcome this problem. In this course, everybody gets several chances to speak and the teacher would correct the mistakes committed, then and there. Hence this is a very useful course for beginners, as well as graduates and professionals. I would also add that the doubts in English usage confronting me for the past 20 years were cleared by demonstration, debate, elocution and conversation methods through this course. In short I would say that the “Strengthen Your English” course really strengthened my life, career and future. This course will remain every green in my memory and I wish a prosperous development of this course, to the benefit of people at large.” - A lawyer

“I have derived the following benefits from this course: (1) Improvement in grammar (2) Group discussions enabled me in gaining confidence in talking to others (3) Improvement in day to day communication in English & (4) Practical exercises helped me to correct the mistakes.” - A Cost Accountant

“After attending the course for a month, I have developed the courage to speak in English with my friends, colleagues and in public with confidence which was very much lacking before. Nowadays I never miss a chance to speak in our Bank’s staff meetings or farewell meetings. Actually I am reaping the benefits of the course now.” - A banker

“I found the course to be very useful. The usage of grammar was covered in a very effective and practical way. The practical sessions helped me and the other participants to a large extent.” - A medical practitioner

“ I am confident to face any problem or situation in my life. The course also polished me well to face any challenge. This I have got because, now I can converse with people in English, which I have been avoiding in the past. I have immensely benefited from the course.” - Personal Assistant to a Company Executive

“It is an asset for every individual to go through this course, especially people like me who had their primary education in Tamil medium. It is a boon to strengthen one’s grammatical knowledge, and this course helps in that.” - A banker

“The training given was very useful to develop my knowledge in English and gave me lot of self-confidence to speak in English. Thank you Mrs. Leelah Ravi.” - A housewife

“Strengthen Your English’ course conducted by Mrs. Leelah Ravi is very good and very informative . Even small mistakes which we make in spoken English in our day to day life have been corrected.” - An Industrialist

“When I joined the course, I did not have many friends. But now I have got several friends. It is because now I know how to speak in English and move with others." - M.A. Philosophy student
It is no mere exaggeration to state frankly that your valued “Strengthen Your English” course, in fact, has made a lot of utterly unbelievable improvements in my spoken and written English. I would like to recommend this course to anybody who ardently aspires to have a good and thorough grounding in English, thereby face the world with unshakeable confidence and courage.” - A research scholar