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Reactions of some of the participants

“The course has benefited me in : removing shyness while facing an audience; more confident while talking; improving inter-personal relations at office/home/outside; better time-management; learning the art of goal setting. Learnt that preparation, confidence, good posture etc. are a must for Effective Communication. Learnt that one should have empathy and that one should be in the state of “I’m OK, You’re OK position” - Chartered Accountant/Accounts Manager of a Petroleum Co.

“It was a great experience to me which I won’t forget in my life. I am now very confident that I can get along with people anytime, anywhere. Now, I can do any public speaking anywhere, attend conferences, meetings etc…” - A Senior Student.

“I am very confident to tackle any type of person or any problem at anytime. Further, I had a good experience to meet the people with some good manners. Besides, I am sure to speak on any topic before the public whenever I want, without any stage-fear.” - A Gazetted Officer.

“This year I have to take up the job as secretary of my Lions’ Club. It is a very responsible assignment which requires more skill and efficiency. This course has helped me to fulfill my requirements by developing the art of Public Speaking.” - Medical Doctor/Lions Secretary.

“I got opportunity and training which are so necessary to Public Speaking. I got a forum with many listeners – patient, supportive, and giving sincere feedback. Besides Public Speaking, I got motivated to lead a more positive, confident and happy life. I can now speak on any forum, with confidence. I got to meet so many interesting eager fellow learners.” - Manager/Consultant.

“The course on Effective Communication and Public Speaking has helped me to gain more self-confidence. I am able to speak more fluently in front of an audience which I did not feel I could do earlier. My voice has become louder and clearer. I feel free to mingle among people of all ages and all vocations. I now listen to people before I come to conclusions. Fear of what other people think of me has subsided.” - Medical Doctor/Administrator.

“This is a different………writing to you - Full of confidence and enthusiasm! I am and will always be grateful to you for having changed me in a short duration of 2 months….. I now subconsciously seize opportunities thrown across my path…. I have really got much more than I wanted….. I now enjoy every day and am always looking at the brighter side of life…… Once again I’d like to thank you for having pushed me into the skies when I only wanted to climb a few more steps up the ladder to success.” - A Medical Practitioner.

“Stage fear has disappeared. PAC combination is a noteworthy point to be applied in one’s life. Personality has considerably developed. Meeting of various people in various walks of life has become easy. Maturity of mind and rational thinking have really developed.” - A lawyer.

“At the outset, I would like to thank the Ramanathans for the work being put in by them to help out people like us who have the raw material but are unable to give out the finished product. I personally have stood to gain quite a lot from this course; the first being friendship of people from different walks of life. I think I can definitely say I’m not scared of an audience-large/small and will be able to do my best in the future at any meeting I attend. Of course the interviewer-interviewee session has done a lot in improving my morale.” - MBA Student.

“There is no word in my vocabulary, not even in the Dictionary by which I can express my deep sense of gratitude to a teacher who has transformed me so much in such a short time. The letter which you made me write in the class was written to one of my cousin brothers with whom I had no communication for the last 20 years. The break was simply due to laziness on both sides. In response to my letter he has sent an email. While I am writing to you, I am in a peculiar state of ecstasy as you have brought home some facts of life. I have not seen God but I have perceived His Grace as He always brings me nearer to good people.” - A Doctor from Pondicherry who attended all the 8 classes.