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Strengthen your English

The next course ( 197th ) will commence on Sunday, April 5, 2020

EFFECTIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING INSITUTE run by Mrs. LEELA RAVI, M.A. (English) conducts courses on "Strengthen your English" in the premises of Ramanathans Effective Public Speaking Institute.

The course on “STRENGTHEN YOUR ENGLISH” will help you to develop your skills in English further. The course will be conducted by Mrs. Leela Ravi. She has more than 29 YEARS of experience in teaching English and has conducted more than 2,000 training programmes covering more than 45,000 people. She was teaching English at the S.N.D.T. Women’s University, Mumbai for a few years and has successfully conducted several such courses in Chennai and other places and the participants have been immensely benefited by the same.


Mrs. Leela Ravi, M.A. (English)


• To help you to speak better and improve your conversational ability in English
• To help you improve your speaking, reading, listening and writing
• To develop vocabulary and gain proficiency in grammar
• To attain fluency in speaking good English and thereby instill self-confidence


• Lectures on grammar
• Common errors in speaking
• Pronunciation & diction
• Fluency development
• Practice will be given to the participants in writing, reading, listening
• Speaking in day-to-day conversation and in group discussions
• Comprehension composition
• Practicals will be given from a prescribed Text Book


• How to improve your style of speaking in day-to-day conversation
• To gain fluency
• Pronunciation, grammar and diction
• To learn the art of being precise in both writing and speaking
• The problem areas
• Common errors during the course of our daily speech
• Group discussions/ speaking exercises -to develop self-confidence in speaking
• A programme for the future

A fresh batch commences every even month. Contact Mrs. Leela Ravi on Phone Nos. 24911336 or 24464849 (Chennai) for further information. [Top]